We are currently relocating from our project gallery space in Notting Hill.
Artcp galleria is an initiative involving artists at iconic ACME studios, The Galleria, in Peckham.

The impact of the programming has generated interest from new collectors and supporters and has created a positive atmosphere to engage with.

Julian Sharples: RA Summer Show 2017

It’s the bright orange one! (top middle)
frontwebRAPicture by Time Out

Andrea G Artz: Ghost Weight

Exhibition: 16.02.2018 – 30.04.2018
Preview: 15.02.2018. 6 – 8 pm

Crol & Co, 77 Dunton Road, London SE1 5TW
Mo – Wed 9 – 5 pm, Thurs & Sun 9 – 7 pm, Fr/ Sat 9 – 11 pm
Bus 78/ Grange Road, Buses Old Kent Road/ Tesco, Quite cycle route/ Q1

Archival print, tea & vegetable stained, glue, 2018

A site-specific installation comprised of Origami foldings that meander through Crol & Co’s space.

The Origami like foldings are made of photographic portraits from different historical epochs. Each person was once portrayed and immortalised by a photographer. The photographs existed as a memory, but, as time passed, they ceased into oblivion and turned up in flea markets or charity shops, where the artist re-discovered them. They are bent and folded into the third dimension in a playful way that gives rise to filigree, nearly weightless objects, space occupations or conceptual spaces.

Julian Sharples Painting Painters’ Painting, from the series Taught Untaught Taught

Exhibition 23.04.2018 – 30.04.2018,
at The Galleria by appointment.

Cactus 2017

Saturn 2017

Gallery Runner: Runs to Galleries along parks and canals.

Ongoing weekly blog on Instagram, #galleryrunner and web, gallery runner.com

Gallery Runner, Picture of the week


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