Past Exhibitions

Cell Graffiti April-May 2019
Iconic Peckham April-May 2018
ACME Galleria Open Studios 2017
RA Summer Exhibition 2017
Let’s Come Together 3 November 2016
Michelle Molyneux at First Ladies June 3rd to August 7th 2016
Ship of Fools May 18th to July 18th 2016
Joanna Weller New Works April: 25th-26th 2016
Unscripted: March 1st to May 1st 2016
Let’s Come Together2: Dec 18th to Feb 18th 2016
Let’s Come Together: August 18th to October 18th 2015
From Indifference To Engagement: May 11th to July 11th 2015
Electric Cinema: October 10th to December 10th 2013