Brian D Hodgson Biography


Brian D Hodgson’s practice as an artist encompasses drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and actions. He has exhibited both in the UK and internationally, winning the solo show prize of Pushing Print 2011 and being shortlisted for the inaugural John Ruskin Prize 2012. Brian has worked at a number of leading professional print studios on projects for major contemporary artists. He has also worked collaboratively with Gustav Metzger and the Hayward Gallery to recreate Metzger’s 1961 ‘acid on nylon demonstration’ in 2006.

I instigate transformational ‘events’ using transmutational processes that embody elements of control and non-control, destruction and creation, agency and chance, and natural laws such as gravity.

These events or actions take place upon surfaces that subsequently come to bear or record images and marks evidencing the history of their creation.

Actions like these seem to compress and accelerate time and I see them as ‘organised accidents’.

For the etchings Time, Gravity, and Serendipity (2012), a spinning top was adapted to contain a reservoir of nitric acid or sugarlift solution which was deposited through its tip when the top was in motion. The top was launched repeatedly at a zinc plate, skidding and bouncing across the plate before finding equilibrium. Its journey was recorded in the surface of the plate.