Andrea G Artz Exhibitions




Andrea G Artz: Ghost Weight, Crol & Co, 1.03. – 31.03.2018. Site-specific installation: archival print, tea & vegetable stained, glue


Andrea has created a wall-based installation comprised of Origami foldings that meander through Crol & Co’s space. “The Lord of the Cactus”, “The Oyster Eater”, “The Possessed Girl” or “The Crazy Corseted Suffragette” were all sculptured after oblivion. Likewise, “The Caged Cool Man” singing Music to Watch the Girls By, or “The Edwardian Yogini” bring us memories doomed until now to disappear.

Serving an eternity in the darkest shelves of the cheapest charity shops these historical photographic portraits all emerged from death to reinvent their existence. Some were even less lucky and had to ascend from their graves at the bottom of the deepest forgotten boxes of unknown flea markets.

Andrea has helped her characters to regain life, measuring their souls against the heavy Ghost Weight of nothingness that their legacies became. By doing so, the artist has allowed them to be forever free in peace. (Nacho Díaz)

Detail Ghost Weight: Marcel Proust Lookalike



Farewells: Site-specific installation, archival board, giclée print, inkjet print, print on lithographic film, glue dots, glue, 15 m x 9 m x 4 m, Rottstr.5 Kunsthallen, Bochum, Germany, 2017_MG_7875 artcpFarewells transforms a large space underneath railway arches into a station where people in transit meet. Theme is the journey in all its aspects. There is a movement of hundreds of three – dimensional figures of various sizes throughout the space. They populate the floor or wall space, while others are ceiling bound. The bending and folding of cut – out photographic prints into three – dimensional sculptures exaggerate the physique and posture of the travellers. Almost all are wired and some seem to be in a praying position. Visitors are able to walk around the cardboard sculptures and experience them from all angles.

Detail Farewells: Seated ScribeScribe 2


Andrea G Artz: In Transit, Towner Art Gallery, 2016andrea
Andrea G Artz at Towner Art Gallery. East Sussex Open 2016

In Transit has been selected for the East Sussex Open 2016. For the exhibition Andrea has created a site-specific installation of 3-D collages made out of cut and folded inkjet prints that originate from her iPhone pictures of travellers. For more information

East Sussex Open 2016 continues until 25th September 2016

Towner Art Gallery, Devonshire Park, College Road, Eastbourne, BN21 4 JJ

Andrea G Artz: Shadows. Textilwerk Bocholt, Germany, 2015. Site specific installation, charcoal, found objects,


andreabDetail Shadows